The INTRUST 2015 will be held in GRAND GONGDA JIANGUO HOTEL of Beijing University of Technology, Beijing, China, from Dec. 7th-8th, 2015. Anticipated participants are encouraged to register the conference as soon as possible.


Registration Fees

  Regular Student
Before29th Nov.
US$520 (CNY 3,200)
US$420 (CNY 2,600)
After 30th Nov.
US$570 (CNY 3,500)
US$470 (CNY 2,900)
Second paper
US$320 (CNY 1,900)
Dependent for Social Events and Banquet
US$110 (CNY 630)
Post Proceeding
US$60 (CNY 350)


The standard registration fee includes admission to all technical sessions, and all social functions as well as a copy of the pre-proceeding and a banquet. Note that the conference post-proceeding is NOT included in the registration. If one or more copies of the conference post-proceedings are needed, please indicate the number of copies and pay the extra fees for them. Detailed post addresses are needed for delivering the post-proceedings after they become available.

--- For participants from the mainland of China, the registration form is available here.
--- For participants from areas and countries other than the mainland of China, the registration form is available here.
--- For those who need a conference registration notice, please click here.


Note that for each accepted paper, at least one author should register the conference, and present their paper at the conference in order to have their paper included in the conference proceeding (LNCS).


If you have any questions about registration, please contact us via


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