Accepted Papers

INTRUST 2015 Accepted Papers

No. Title
1 Efficient implementation of AND, OR and NOT operators for ABCs
2 Public Key Encryption with Distributed Keyword Search
3 Another Look at Aggregate Signatures: Their Capability and Security on Network Graphs
4 A Causality-based Model for Describing the Trustworthiness of a Computing Device
5 Attribute-Based Signatures with Controllable Linkability
6 Distributed Multi-user, Multi-key Searchable Encryptions Resilient Fault Tolerance
7 Universally Composable Oblivious Database in the Presence of Malicious Adversaries
8 A Signature Generation Approach based on Clustering for Polymorphic Worm
9 Research on Trusted Bootstrap based on the Universal Smart Card
10 Computational Soundness of Uniformity Properties for Multi-party Computation based on LSSS
11 An Application-oriented Efficient Encapsulation System for Trusted Software Development
12 Privacy-Preserving Anomaly Detection Across\\Multi-Domain for Software Defined Networks
13 An ISP-Side View of AAA System Anomalies Detection
14 Application of NTRU using Group Rings to Partial Decryption Technique
15 RbacIP: a RBAC-based Method for Intercepting and Processing Malicious Applications in Android Platform
16 An audit log protection mechanism based on security chip

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